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" I don't know my grades yet, but if my Cathay spy is right I got many 5s and one 4, so I'm sure I will see you again. "
Gabriel Chan
" I am confident. Karen didn't mention my score but she looked pretty impressed with my performance. Thank you so much for your help Michael "
Billy Chan - Tag Aviation
" Everything was nice! I did everything and also the medical today. Thank you for your help! "
Nikola - Hong Kong Airlines

Prepare for ATPL exams with a question bank of more than 6000 questions

Aviation English Asia has partnered with to offer a JAR-FCL ATPL exam preparation ebook.

This ebook contains over 6000 questions and answers in a multiple choice format.  Subjects include: 

  • Aerodynamics (400 questions)
  • Aeroplane Systems (650 questions)
  • Air Law & ATC (550 questions)
  • Flight Planning (550 questions)
  • Human Factors and Physiology (850 questions)
  • Instrumentation (450 questions)
  • Mass and Balance  (300 questions)
  • Meteorology (850 questions)
  • General Navigation (600 questions)
  • Operational Procedures (400 questions)
  • Performance (400 questions)
  • Radio Navigation 300 questions)


 You can order your copy from for only 7.99 GBP

 JAR-FCL ATPL Exam Preparation ebook

Hong Kong

All courses are available in Hong Kong.

Airline Pilot Interview Preparation Online

We are pleased to offer the e-interview preparation course.\n\nThis course is suitable for you if you are preparing to submit your application.
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Cadet Pilot Programme Study Group

Get professional help preparing for your Cadet Pilot Programme application. Topics include PPL/CPL theory, meteorology, aerodynamics, jet engines, Cathay fleet, lifestyle, interview tips, radiotelephony, medicals, flight planning, English tests and many more. Teacher led study groups are held each week. Cost of attendance is only $500HKD per 2 hour session. Teaching staff include senior pilots from Cathay Pacific.

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