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" Thank you for teaching me so much stuff Michael. I didn't know there were so many things that I have to learn. "
Evan Hui
" Hi Michael, I have made it. Thank you for teaching Aviation English. I really appreciate the support from you, and the AEA teachers!!! I'll be leaving in April. I'll definitely come back and do more Aviation English with you in the future. "
Ricky Tso - Cathay Pacific
" Thank you Michael! I got ICAO level 4. See you on Wednesday. "
Fagih Abdat - Hong Kong Airlines

Upcoming Classes for Flight Attendants

Test for safety - train for proficiency

AEA will help you develop genuine language proficiency in English.

Courses for all levels of aviation experience

Our courses are suitable for both ab initio and professional pilots, ATCs and engineers.

100% Native English Teachers with Aviation Experience

All of our teachers are suitably qualified and have relevant aviation experience, e.g. pilots, aircraft engineers and ATCs.

In-flight English for Cabin Crew (PP) HKG

Do you need to improve your English before applying to CX, KA, EK, HKA, HKE or other airline operating in Hong Kong?

English course for flight attendants

Strong English communication skills are essential for all airline staff as they frequently have contact with the public.  If you want to start a career as a flight attendant you will find that recruitment departments require that you have:

  • Strong English communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity when dealing with people
  • Experience in handling difficult situations
  • Confidence when speaking with other English speakers.

You can develop each of these skills on the In-flight English for Cabin Crew course. Particular emphasis is given to improving core language skills.  

Listening comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, fluency, confidence

Improve your English and increase your chances of finding a cabin crew job

In-flight English for Cabin Crew gives you the English language skills you need to become an effective flight attendant. When you attend an airline interview you will be able to confidently answer questions in English and demonstrate how to deal with routine and non-routine situations that could occur during flight. You will have greater awareness of differences between cultures, more sensitivity when dealing with customers and the ability to manage difficult situations in English.

But won't the airline teach me everything I need to know during my initial training (if I'm successful)?

English for flight attendants

No.  The airline will not teach you how to speak English. The airline will expect you to have a basic level of English when you join the airline, and then improve your language skills in your own time.  Even airlines with large language training departments offer minimal ongoing language training for their flight attendants. Passengers and flight crew all over the world recognise that flight attendants need a high level of language proficiency.

Don't wait for the airline to teach you English or you could lose the job to someone who already has better English. If you are serious about a career as a flight attendant the best way to improve your proficiency in English is with Aviation English Asia's integrated In-flight English for Cabin Crew and General English course.


Professional English language training for successful candidates

In-flight English for Cabin Crew is the pre-professional version of In-flight English - it is designed as a complete language training solution for major airlines. Many airline employees say that Aviation English Asia courses are BETTER than the language training provided by their airline.  

Don't make the mistake of focusing only on the job interview! 


In-flight English gives you real language skills that will be useful throughout your career - not just an interview. In-flight English for Cabin Crew Careers includes all the language skills of a mainstream General English course, but is much more focused on topics that are relevant to an airline career. Each unit includes case studies and role-play exercises so you will get lots of speaking and listening practice.

English course for flight attendants


Focus on the language skills you most need for the job - completing the initial training could depend on it 


Essential English for flight attendants:

  • Practice talking about the roles and responsibilities for airline staff, eg pilots, flight attendants, ground staff, check-in clerks
  • Learn to describe different aircraft, airports, tourist destinations and give directions
  • Practice dealing with problems and difficulties that passengers may have during flight 
  • Expand your vocabulary to describe different kinds of food and drink, special dietary requirements
  • Improve your ability to present and describe duty free sales items 
  • Develop essential customer service skills, diplomatic language and and the ability to deal with unruly passengers 
  • Understand what the pilots want you to do during emergencies and report unexpected events that can happen during flight
  • Practice vocabulary for describing health problems, medicine and first aid
  • Improve your pronunciation for passenger announcements
  • Give advice to passengers about destinations around the world

Course availability

In-flight English is held in Hong Kong each week. Please email for exact course schedule.  If you are not able to attend a course in Hong Kong you can choose the Online version.

Flexible course structure / schedule

The core In-flight English for Cabin Crew Careers course is composed of 3 stages.  Each stage contains 12 x 60-90 minute units (36 untis in total).  Depending on your level, budget and time available you also have the option to take additional General English classes to reach your target level. 


English for flight attendant interviews

Excellence in English teaching - Asia wide

Aviation English Asia give you:

  • A practical role play based course
  • A 100% English speaking environment
  • Progress that is monitored and assessed daily
  • Fantastic ongoing support 
  • THE BEST English language teachers and airline Subject Matter Experts in Hong Kong
  • A course designed by Michael Egerton / Stephen Maule 
  • Opportunity to get certification from Cambridge ESOL to show your proficiency on completion of the course (optional depending on further study)


Learn English with professional Native English Teachers and experienced Flight Attendants


We guarantee that this is the best course of its type in Asia. Our English teachers are


  • Graduates
  • Trinity Cert TESOL / CELTA qualified (many have MA Applied Linguistics / DELTA)
  • Native English Teachers
  • With at least 3 years classroom based experience
  • Interested in learner progress and career development
  • Assisted by experienced airline staff and Subject Matter Experts.

What to do next 

Arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss your English training needs:  

Call for a free consultation on +852 8179 9295


English for flight attendant careers


Hong Kong

All courses are available in Hong Kong.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.

Also available ONLINE

In-flight English is now available as an online course.  The course content is exactly the same as the classroom based version and gives you high quality interaction with a Native English Teacher / Flight Attendant from any computer with an internet connection.   

12 x IFE Skype Tutorials


In-flight English Online 


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Buy In-flight English Online

You also get access to In-flight English Online and our user forums giving you hundreds of hours of English practice for your flight attendant interview. 


 Hi, I'd like to thank Aviation English Asia for helping improve my English so I can be a flight attendant. This was my second application to Cathay Pacific and I was successful. I've just started training at Cathay City and I'm so happy that finally I can be a flight attendant! J L 


Date of Posting: 06 September 2008
Posted By: Jessica L
Hong Kong



 I got the news today that I am successful and will start training soon.   Being a flight attendant is my dream job and I'm really glad I chose Aviation English Asia to improve my English.  I recommend In-flight English to anyone in Hong Kong who wants to be a flight attendant.  If you are in the same situation as me and need to improve speaking and listening I recommend this course.  One other tip - LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTORS because they understand the industry very well. Thank you Michael!  


Date of Posting: 06 September 2008
Posted By: A Lam
Hong Kong 


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