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All units feature radiotelephony / listening practice in an aviation context.


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As a training provider AEA is not directly involved in ICAO testing, so there is no chance of your results being held invalid because of conflict of interest.

Fowler flaps when deployed

a)  Increase CI max
b)  Increase the surface area of the wings
c)  All the above statements are correct

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As per Bernoulli’s Theorem, in an airflow through a venturi tube -

a) The mass flow at any point remains constant
b) The sum of all energies remains constant
c) The dynamic pressure and static pressure remain same throughout

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Coefficient of lift depends on

a) The shape of the aerofoil
b) The angle of attack
c) The shape of aerofoil and angle of attack

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What is the purpose of using flaps during approach?

a) To reduce approach speeds
b) For steeper angle of approach
c) All the above

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