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Student Feedback and Testimonials

2015-12-13, 20:16
​"My English has really improved a lot. I really like the workshops. I can really feel my English has improved."
Cathay Pacific Airways / HAECO
2015-12-13, 20:21
"Thank you so much for your help on the course. I used lots of words in my test actually. The assessor said I have a good base of vocabulary"
Lasily Lau
2015-12-13, 20:19
"The classes are really good value. It is a great loss for me that I have missed a great class."

Test for safety - train for proficiency

AEA will help you develop genuine language proficiency in English.

Courses for all levels of aviation experience

Our courses are suitable for both ab initio and professional pilots, ATCs and engineers.

100% Native English Teachers with Aviation Experience

All of our teachers are suitably qualified and have relevant aviation experience, e.g. pilots, aircraft engineers and ATCs.

English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics

Improve your English and improve aviation safety

AVIATION ENGLISH ASIA LTD provide a 30-100 hour ongoing language development course called English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics.  This course enables aircraft maintenance personnel to develop their English on a long-term basis and reach high levels of proficiency.

AVIATION ENGLISH ASIA LTD also offer 2-day intensive Aircraft Maintenance English workshops to airlines and MROs throughout Asia. These intensive workshops give aircraft maintenance personnel effective practice of essential English language used frequently in base and line / ramp maintenance.

Course content:

Whether you choose the ongoing course or the intensive workshop your staff will receive effective English language practice for common engineering tasks such as: 

  • Radio communications
  • Making telephone calls
  • Incident reporting
  • Communicating with team members
  • Describing damage
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Organising repairs
  • Parts identification and ordering 
  • Using manuals
  • Technical log entries
  • Formal reports

The language skills practiced include:

  • Speaking - summarising tasks, reporting incidents, checking and clarifying information
  • Listening - comprehension of authentic dialogues between managers, pilots, engineers and technicians
  • Reading - comprehension of technical manuals, documentation, reports and notices
  • Writing - writing reports and completing forms and checklists.

Both the ongoing English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics course and the Aircraft Maintenance English workshop are taught by Native English speaking aircraft engineers who enable learners to improve their communication skills (particularly of technical language) so that they can work more confidently and effectively. The focus  during teacher-led classes is on speaking and listening, though there are also homework activities and feedback about written reports. 

Course availability and duration:

Ongoing courses are available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The core English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics course contains 30 units in total (each unit is officially 60-120 minutes) with options for additional Skills Workshops and self study.

Intensive workshops are available throughout Asia.

The Aircraft Maintenance English workshop is 12 hours over two days. There are also options for attending additional skills workshops (eg grammar, pronunciation, listening and writing).

Aviation English Asia can deliver this course on your company premises or to small groups at AEA classrooms throughout Asia. Call us for details +852 81799295

Benefits of the English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics course

  • You will have better pronunciation - with our unique exercises and drills.
  • You will be able to use grammar more accurately.
  • You will develop a wider vocabulary.
  • You will be able to write clear and concise reports.
  • You will be able to understand phrasal verbs, idioms and slang.
  • You will be able to clearly report and handle unexpected situations.
  • You will be able to give effective presentations about technical subject matter.
  • You will be able to understand English speakers with unusual accents
  • You will be able to interact and respond to questions correctly.
  • You will be able to PARAPHRASE if other people don't recognise your vocabulary

We make it easy for you to improve your English

Learning English with us is easy and enjoyable - no other course provider provides the same level of support as Aviation English Asia.

  • Professional Aviation English Teachers and Subject Matter Experts (aircraft engineers and pilots) with years of industry experience
  • Aviation English Asia Ltd is a reputable training organisation established in 2009
  • Accurate initial placement test and reports on learner progress
  • Safety-focused course leading to higher safety standards
  • Convenient times and locations - call +852 81799295 for details
  • Affordable course fees - depending on class size and course duration

Learn from professional Aviation English Teachers, aircraft engineers & airline pilot instructors

  • 100% Qualified Native English Teachers - previously holding senior positions at major language centres and universities
  • Teachers are supported by Subject Matter Experts - commercial pilots with major airlines and aircraft engineers - ALSO Native English Teachers
  • Teachers are members of the College of Teachers, established under Royal Charter in the UK.
  • Teachers are passionate about aviation, and want to see you succeed.
  • Course designed by a Cambridge examiner / university lecturer with an MA in Applied Linguistics
  • Accurate placement test

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Hong Kong

Aviation English Asia has been offering part time and full time courses in Hong Kong since 2009.

All courses are available in Hong Kong. Check the schedule above for details.


ICAO Aviation English, English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics, and English for Flight Attendants are available in Taipei, Tainan and Kaosiung.

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